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Discover our best-selling home fragrance, Drift. Immerse yourself in the invigorating aroma of cucumber and the graceful luxurious essence of bamboo and coconut. Indulge in a spa-like atmosphere right in the comfort of your own space.

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Being able to relax, reflect, and unwind, to connect with yourself is not just what we advocate for, but it's what Daili Journey candles stand for.

We firmly believe that taking care of yourself with self-care, self-love, and introspection is essential as we navigate through our life's journey. Our handmade candles are crafted with premium ingredients combined with unique fragrances that will help you transform your home into your personal sanctuary.

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Always burn candle within sight and away from drafts and things that can catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Trim wick before lighting every time AFTER the first burn. Do not burn longer than 4 hours that's recommended. 

When should I trim my candle wick?

Do not trim your wicks too low this may cause the candle to put itself out. 

Once you receive your Daili Journey Candle you can light your candle immediately no trimming necessary. You should trim your wick after every burn!

Simply use your wick trimmers (or scissors) to clip right below carbon build up.

Is trimming my wick important?

Candle wicks produce a carbon build up, a result of this can cause black smoke to emit from your candle, this is known as soot. This build up can cause a higher flame as a result, causing your candle to get too hot this may increase the chances of a candle fire. Trimming your wick are crucial to maintaining your candle. 

How long can I burn my candle? 

Up to 4 hours 

Please monitor your candle. Do not leave candles unattended or around items that can catch fire. 

What is a first burn? 

When you receive your candle for the first time your first burn is the initial lighting. You want to allow your candle to burn for up to 4 Hours. To offset your candle memory! Yes your candle has memory.

When you do this you allow your candle to have a full melt pool. You will recognize this by observing the the wax has melted from one edge of the container to the next. 

A full melt pool is the key to a consistent even and clean burn. Your candle may appear to be tunneling and uneven if it did not achieve a full melt pool.  


My candle is not burning even, how can I troubleshoot this? 

Your candle has cooled and you notice it hasn't melted from edge to edge. Continue to burn your candle as usual. Once the candle reaches midway in the jar there is less was for the flame to work with, causing the jar to increase in heat, this will help the wax to even out.

Remember your candle has burn memory, if you did not burn your candle for up to 4 hours on the first burn and it appears to be uneven, burn your candle as usual and continue to enjoy your candle experience. 

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  Always burn candle within sight and away from drafts and things that can catch fire. Keep away from children and pets. Trim wick before lighting, after the first burn. Do not burn longer than 4 hours that's recommended.

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Thank you for supporting a small business in your community. It is a pleasure to service my Gwinnett County neighbors with a personal delivery service. Deliveries are a great way to personally connect with customers and give you more savings with no shipping fees. 

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  • Original Scents

    Daili Journey Candles offers a unique scent experience. From a wide range of scents we carefully select and blend fragrances together, to create the original scents you know and love. With our fragrance formulas we are proud to offer you a one of a kind candle experience.

  • Our wax

    Each candle is made with

    Coconut Soy Wax

    • This wax is toxin, paraben, phthalate and carcinogen free.
    • It is also recyclable, vegan and cruelty free.
    • It is clinically and dermatology tested so it is skin safe.

    However our candles are not formulated to be used on skin.

  • Handmade

    Our candles are handmade with high quality wax and fragrance oils. To give you a vibrant smelling and long lasting candle. Our candles are mixed and poured in small batches ensuring each candle meets company quality standards.